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Power 10 Boat Docks has one goal in mind; producing a dock system that is easy for you, the consumer to use. Power 10 Boat Docks will create a bridge (both figuratively and physically) to connect you between your daily duties and that leisure time on the water.

Whether you are an Olympic sculling competitor, a Learn to Row novice, a Master Kayaker, or require Adaptive equipment, we are poised to assist you in your quest for time on the water. We also provide efficient dock solutions for those fishing, pontoon, and powerboat enthusiasts, who dislike wasting time trailering equipment.

Last but not least, there are those of you whose worksites are located on our rivers, lakes, and seas. You need high quality floating work platforms that are light, portable, and dependable.

Due to our affiliation with some of the most reliable manufacturers of floating docks in the country (ie: made in the USA), we can confidently offer each of you the dock solution you want and need.

Contact Us today for design solutions, pricing and other assistance based on your individual and unique floating dock situation!

Floating Canoe Dock for the Family
Floating Canoe Dock for the Famil

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